Traveling alone might be one of the scariest, anxiety giving experience ever. That is, until you do it.

You can think of hundreds of reason why you shouldn’t do it: what if you get lost, what if you get bored, what if something bad happens to you. But instead of looking at all these ‘negative’ aspects of solo-traveling, what if you take a look at all the positive things that come out if it. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY TRAVELING ALONE IS A GOOD IDEA”



As a student, who isn’t financially stable, I don’t really have the time or money to travel as much as I’d like to, but that can’t stop me from wanting to.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Here are five (of the thousands of places) I would like visit in 2016.

1. Spain

I’ve been there a couple of times but I can’t seem to get enough of it! There’s still so much to discover about it!

Photo taken from: talktotim.co.uk

2. Hawaii

This will forever be on my bucket list, right at the top with Spain. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it seems like the kind of place I could call home.

Photo taken from: theconstantrambler.com

3. Faroe Islands

For some reason I’ve always found them fascinating. The fact that they’re kind of isolated and with barely any inhabitants make me to want to visit them.

Photo taken from: edugeography.com

4. Cuba

Another country that I’ve always found fascinating was Cuba. It’s a must see with all its culture!

Photo taken from: cuba.com

5. Greece

One of my dreams is to spend at least a whole summer in Greece, eating their delicious food, learning about their culture and their fantastic beaches. Haha.

Photo taken from: marketwatch.com

Which places are you planning on visiting this year or dream of visiting?

Alex D.


Today I attended a really interesting event, here in Cluj. It was called “Casa Portuguesa” and it was a more or less like an exhibition but more interactive.

You could learn about their history, listen to some traditional Fado music, taste some traditional Portuguese dishes and interact with the organizers of the event who were obviously Portuguese.

My favorite thing at the event were this really cute paper-made roses who had quotes (by Portuguese writers, of course) attached to them. The one I felt I had a connection with was: “We leave a little piece of us behind whenever we leave a place. We are still there although we left.” – Vergilio Ferreira





Have you ever been to Portugal?

Alex D.

A Journey of “Self-Discovery”: The Road Within

While searching for travel movies to watch, I came across this one only to realize that is more than a travel movie. It is more of a journey of “self-discovery”.

The Road Within is the American version of the German movie Vincent and the Sea. (I haven’t seen this one. Yet.) It tells the story of a teenager with Tourettes, Vincent (Robert Sheehan), who after his mother death, is taken to a behavioural facility, by his father. Here he meets Alex (Dev Patel) who has OCD and Marie (Zoe Kravitz) who has an eating disorder.

Together, after stealing the car keys of one of the doctors, they embark on a journey to take Vincent’s mother ashes to the ocean, while trying to deal with their problems.

And even though they aren’t really friends, they end up helping each other with their disorders, more than the facility ever had, which make them grow closer to each other.

The reason why I liked this movie is because of the way the actors portray the struggles someone with mental disorders has to deal with. Granted, I don’t know anyone in real life with Tourettes, OCD or an eating disorders, but maybe this is exactly why I liked how the actors portrayed the characters, because it offered me an insight on the fights of a person with a mental disorder.

Alex D.

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

The Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award is a series of questions provided by the person who nominated you. I was nominated by Erica of Girl, Unspotted ( who has an amazing blog) and below are the questions she asked.  The rules are to mention the blogger that nominated you, answer 10 questions of the bloggers choice, nominate 10 more female bloggers, and make up new questions for your nominees to answer.


1.What is the best memory you have  from your favorite city?

Hmmm… It’s so hard to choose. I have so many great memories from so many great places. But one of them would have to be going to perfumery in France and learning how perfumes are made. It was an incredible experience.

2.What is the worst misadventure you’ve had during your travels?

It’s kinda funny now that I think about it. A few years back I went mountain climbing with my family and some friends and by the time we reached the top we were left without water. So going back to the camp it was horrible experience that I don’t want to repeat. It was summer and  being without any water, I was incredibly thirsty and tired so I cried all the way down. Not only that, but by the time we reached lower ground and found water it was already so dark that we couldn’t find the way back to the camp so we had to sleep under the night sky. Hearing the bear roaming around. It wasn’t a great experience, but it was unforgettable. Haha.


3.What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Bratwurst, while in Germany. I know it’s not strange for most people, but for me it was. I never had them before, but they were delicious.

4.Have you ever attended a festival abroad? If no, what is a festival you’d like to attend?

Unfortunately, no. But I would love to attend Coachella and I don’t know if this counts but I’m dying to go to Oktoberfest.


5.From where is the last stamp you have on your passport?

I don’t have any stamps on my passport. I’ve only travelled around Europe and since the country I’m from is in the EU, like most European countries, I don’t even need a passport to travel.

6.Have you ever traveled alone, why or why not? If yes, where did you go the first time you did?

No. I never had the chance. But if ever given the chance I wouldn’t say no.


7.Tell me about the craziest or most unforgettable night out during your travels.

I’m not much “night out girl”. I’d rather stay in, eat pizza and binge watch some TV show. But during one summer I was with my friends at the beach and we drank and danced all night. I can’t say it was unforgettable because I don’t remember much… but it was one of the craziest!

8.What do you carry with you in your purse/backpack for a day of exploring?

My camera, obviously. Maybe some water and some snacks. And some local currency.

9.Where did you go on your most recent road trip?

Last summer I was with my family on a road trip around my country. It was great to see old places and discover new ones.


10.What is one travel advice you’d like to give?

Always take pictures of the places you visit, but never watch the places you visit through your camera lens. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break and just “breathe in” everything that is around you.


My questions:

1. What is travelling to you?

2. If you were to describe travelling in one word what would it be?

3. What is your favourite thing about travelling?

4. If you were to live in one country/city for the rest of your live which one would it be and why?

5. What is the most interesting city or place to visit in your country?

6. Which are 3 things that never miss from you luggage on your travels?

7. If you were to choose between visiting a place where there are many people or visiting a more isolated place which would you choose and why?

8. Which is the best place that you ever visited and why?

9.Which is the worst place that you ever visited and why?

10. What piece of advice would you give to the travellers out there? 

My nominees:

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Thanks again, Erica, for nominating me!

Alex D.

Taizé – Where Earth Meets Heaven

I’ve been wanting to write about this place for so long, but I just couldn’t find the right words to describe this place. I’m still not sure if now I’ll be able to, but here we go…

Little Waterfall
Little Waterfall

Taizé is a little religious community in Burgundy, France, that every year, gathers thousands of people for all around the world who go there to pray, to find themselves, to meet new people or try something new.

The Church’s Altar

The high school that I studied at, organised (and still organises) a two week trip all around Europe every summer. One week we would spend here, in Taizé. The first time I was there, I was a little skeptical about the place. I am not an extremely religious person and naturally, when I heard “religious community” I got a little scared, but my desire to travel was stronger so I went anyway. And it was the best decision I had ever taken!

The Church
The Entrance

We would always get there Sunday afternoon so we would have time to settle in and get ready for the week. You can either stay in tents (personal or provided by the community) or little houses with 4, 6, 8 or 12 beds. The rooms don’t have keys, but nothing was ever stolen from anyone’s luggage and you can also leave the more expensive items at “La Morada” and get them whenever you want.

The Houses
The Houses

On Monday the week starts and it goes as it follows: (Yes I still have my schedule)

8:15 – Morning Prayer (then breakfast)

10:00 – Meetings (This means that you would gather around with young people from other countries and talk about whatever you want and get to know each other)

12:20 – Middle Day Prayer (then lunch)

14:00 – Meetings again or volunteer work (which is quite essential in this community)

17:15 – Snacks

19:00 – Dinner

20:30 – Evening Prayer (On Saturday is a little different because everyone lights candles as they pray together).

People waiting to get food
People waiting to get food
Lunch in Taize
Lunch in Taize

After that you aren’t really allowed to make noise around the houses, but you could go to Oyak, a place where young people would go and sing and get to know each other.

People at the Oyak
People at the Oyak

And  this would be our whole week. I know it might sound boring for some of you, but I guarantee you that by the end of the week you would get so attached to the place and to the people you met that you wouldn’t want to leave.

Song Book


What I liked the most about it is the fact that Taizé is a place where no one judges anyone, we’re all friends, ready to help and understand each other. Also, when you go and, pray you get this feeling of belonging and unity and peace.

Saturday Night Prayer
Saturday Night Prayer

Taizé is such a wonderful experience. You meet so many great people, you make friendships that last a lifetime and if you’re lucky you get to know yourself a little bit better.

I feel that I could go on and on about this place, but I’ll stop. For now…

Alex D.