Traveling alone might be one of the scariest, anxiety giving experience ever. That is, until you do it.

You can think of hundreds of reason why you shouldn’t do it: what if you get lost, what if you get bored, what if something bad happens to you. But instead of looking at all these ‘negative’ aspects of solo-traveling, what if you take a look at all the positive things that come out if it. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY TRAVELING ALONE IS A GOOD IDEA”



Every year I’m single or alone for Valentine’s day and every year I keep saying next year will be different. Haha.

I used to hate spending Valentine’s day alone, but now I actually love it. I don’t have to deal with all the cheesy things couples do (not that I mind others doing it) and all the crowded restaurants and I can have all the day for myself!

If you are single or simply alone for Valentine’s day, here are some things you could do to have an awesome day! Continue reading “5 THINGS TO DO IF YOU’RE SINGLE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY”

Five Youtubers You Should Check Out

You already know I’m obsessed with TV shows, so I guess it’s time for you to know that I am also obsessed with YouTube and YouTubers. Okay, maybe “obsessed” is a strong word… Let’s just say I just really really like watching YouTube videos. That is why I decided to share with you five of my favourite YouTubers.

1. Blimey Cow

Their content is entertaining, interesting and talks about important topics in a funny and open-minding way. They want to “inspire laughter, community, and great conversation, while encouraging critical thought on important topics.”  and personally, I think they’re doing a great job!!

2. Megan MacKay

She is better known for her makeup tutorials (which are not any ordinary makeup tutorials, but they actually have a message behind it). She is really funny and you gotta love her irony and sarcasm.

3. iiSuperwomanii

I remember watching her first video. I was having a really bad day and I watched Girls on their period and it made laugh so hard!! Ever since, I can’t get enough of her videos! Oh, but her videos are more than funny, they’re also uplifting and meant to make you feel better about yourself. She is amazing!!

4. SoulPancake

Okay, this channel is my source of inspiration for being a better person. This channel is all about showing the beautiful face of the world.

5. grav3yardgirl

She does make up tutorials and hair tutorials and test as seen on TV products, all of it in a very funny and sassy way.

Do you have a favourite YouTuber?

Alex D.

Top Five Favourite Teen Movies

Usually Sunday is the day when I lay in bed all day long and watch movies. Yesterday was the exception since I was busy with other things, however I did manage to watch a movie late at night. My movie list is somewhat endless and it always takes me a lot of time to decide which film to watch.

Yesterday  I decided for The First Time and yes, it is a teen movie, but most people were going on and on and on about how good the movie is  that I had to watch it.

Now, I am sucker for sappy romantic movies, but this one seemed so terrible. As much as I tried to find something about this film that I liked, I just couldn’t. Then I realised why that might be. I am not a teenager anymore and I guess teen movies do not appeal to me anymore the way that when I was, well, a teenager.

However this made me think about the movies that I watched as a teenager so I decided to make a top five of my favourites. So here we go.

1. A Cinderella Story


I think I watched this movie at least five times. I was obsessed with it and any other Hilary Duff movie for that matter.

2. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging


This movie was the death of me. I forced my friends to watch it with me every time I got the chance.

3. LOL (Laughing Out Loud) – The French Version


Another movie that I watched God knows how many times.

4. She’s the Man


This man seemed so badass at the time. Plus it has Channing Tatum in it.

5. Wild Child


Honestly I can’t remember why I liked this movie so much, but I totally did.

Which was your favourite movie as a teenager?

Alex D.