Today is the 1st of March. It is also the first day of Spring and I am so excited! The weather is getting warmer and sunnier. I feel so energized because of it and it’s making me more productive, so that’s great. Haha.

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Time for some dose of motivational Monday!

Hope you all have a great week and make the most of it!

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Where I live we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. All I know about this celebration is what I’ve seen on TV or in the movies. However, I was really excited when Steph (who has a lovely blog, so go check it out) nominated me for this challenge.


The Challenge rules

  • Share this image in your blog post
  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part

5 People I am Thankful for

  1. My parents – for supporting me no matter what and being the best parents I could’ve asked for (I love you endlessly!)
  2. My brother – who even though can be annoying at times is always there for me when I need it
  3. My grandmothers – who always make sure I am properly fed (even when I’m not hungry haha)
  4. My roommates – who took care of me for the past couple of me when I wasn’t feeling well
  5. My friends – who have stayed with me through thick and thin, when I was at my best, when I was at my worst and even when I was annoying the hell out of them (I’m so grateful to have you in my life!)

5 Things I am Thankful for in 2015  

  1. For my blog – I am really thankful for making this blog and actually posting constantly on it.
  2. For all the people I met – both in person and here on WordPress. (You guys are amazing!)
  3. For all the news things I learned – about myself, about others, about life in general.
  4. For books, movies and TV series – because they are always there for me when I’m bored, tired or just trying to escape this world for a little bit.
  5. For my personal growth – I feel like this year I’ve started to see life in a more positive way and I’ve tried to focus on the good things in my life, rather than the bad ones. So far so good.

5 Nominations for this Challenge

  1. Bianca – who has an amazing blog and is one of my best friends (Love you, babe!)
  2. Mila – who has a gorgeous blog that you should definitely check out.
  3. Lou – who is this talented human being who takes incredible photos
  4. The Sliver Screen Savant – my ‘go to’ blog when I need a good movie to watch
  5. Art of Coffee – who has a beautiful and poetic blog

What are you thankful for this year?

Alex D.


You know those songs that you hear on the radio or on TV or wherever and you want to hate them but you can’t? Yeah… I know them too. And I loooove listening to them. I can’t help it, they put me in a good mood.

And I felt like sharing with you 5 of my guilty pleasure songs at the moment.

1.Jason Derulo – Want to Want Me

2.WALK THE MOON – Shut up and Dance

3.Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo – Follow Me

4.Natalie La Rose – Around the World

5. Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown – Body On Me

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Alex D.