21 things to do at 21 *UPDATED*

Last week I turned 21 and since I was busy with uni and of course, celebrating, only now I got around to writing this post. But, before I share with you  the 21 things I want to do while I’m 21, I just want to thank all my friends for the lovely gifts and for making my birthday so special. Love you all!

  1. Travel somewhere/anywhere abroad.
  2. Go to at least five four movies at the cinema. (Cause I don’t really go to the cinema.)
  3. Cook more.
  4. Learn how to bake properly.
  5. Cook Christmas dinner for my family by myself.
  6. Read more books.
  7. Watch more movies.
  8. Learn how to make home-made chocolate.
  9. Learn to speak German (at least a little) (I learned Portuguese so I guess it counts)
  10. Stay up until the sunrise.
  11. Watch at least one sunrise.
  12. Watch at least one sunset.
  13. Change the color of my hair.
  14. Eat something new.
  15. Drink something new.
  16. Go out and eat at a restaurant.
  17. Learn to dance bachata.
  18. Do something out of my comfort zone.
  19. Have a picnic. / A barbecue party with my friends.
  20. Spend more times with the people I love.
  21. Be more positive!
  22. Maybe get a tattoo?

What is one thing you want to do this year? Or the following since this one is almost gone?

*I guess I cross almost everything off of this list. Let’s hope this year I’ll do at least as many things as last year and create more beautiful memories.*

Alex D.



Where I live we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. All I know about this celebration is what I’ve seen on TV or in the movies. However, I was really excited when Steph (who has a lovely blog, so go check it out) nominated me for this challenge.


The Challenge rules

  • Share this image in your blog post
  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part

5 People I am Thankful for

  1. My parents – for supporting me no matter what and being the best parents I could’ve asked for (I love you endlessly!)
  2. My brother – who even though can be annoying at times is always there for me when I need it
  3. My grandmothers – who always make sure I am properly fed (even when I’m not hungry haha)
  4. My roommates – who took care of me for the past couple of me when I wasn’t feeling well
  5. My friends – who have stayed with me through thick and thin, when I was at my best, when I was at my worst and even when I was annoying the hell out of them (I’m so grateful to have you in my life!)

5 Things I am Thankful for in 2015  

  1. For my blog – I am really thankful for making this blog and actually posting constantly on it.
  2. For all the people I met – both in person and here on WordPress. (You guys are amazing!)
  3. For all the news things I learned – about myself, about others, about life in general.
  4. For books, movies and TV series – because they are always there for me when I’m bored, tired or just trying to escape this world for a little bit.
  5. For my personal growth – I feel like this year I’ve started to see life in a more positive way and I’ve tried to focus on the good things in my life, rather than the bad ones. So far so good.

5 Nominations for this Challenge

  1. Bianca – who has an amazing blog and is one of my best friends (Love you, babe!)
  2. Mila – who has a gorgeous blog that you should definitely check out.
  3. Lou – who is this talented human being who takes incredible photos
  4. The Sliver Screen Savant – my ‘go to’ blog when I need a good movie to watch
  5. Art of Coffee – who has a beautiful and poetic blog

What are you thankful for this year?

Alex D.


I’ve been trying to keep myself positive lately, just enjoy life for a change and find happiness in little things from everyday life. And since I’ve been feeling inspired I felt like sharing with you 50 little things that make me happy and my life better.

1.Sunny days

2.Rainy days

3.Thunderstorms (under the blanket)

4.Empty bookstores

5.Quiet coffee shops

6.Sundays spent in you pajamas





11.Watching a movie

12.Watching a TV show that you love

13.Singing in the shower


15.Listening to music

16.Smell of fresh baked bread

17.Laughs of babies

18.Sundays spent with your family

19.Making memories

20.Saturdays spent with friends

21.Smell of rain on a Summer day


23.Mulled wine during Winter

24.Hot chocolate

25.Going into warm room when outside is cold



28.Starry nights

29.Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have a few more hours to sleep

30.Going to sleep after a long day

31.Putting up the Christmas tree

32.Sound of waves

33.Smell of the sea

34.Taking walks on the beach


36.Finding money you didn’t know about in your old clothes

37.Clean sheets

38.Playing games with your friends (be it board or drinking games)

39.Organizing your things (be it your desk, your bookshelf or wardrobe)

40.Good hair day


42.Smell of coffee

43.Helping someone else

44.Setting goals that you actually accomplish

45.Popping bubble wrap

46.The feeling of sand between your toes

47.Actually laughing out loud

48.Hearing your favorite song on the radio

49.A smell you love that brings back memories


It’s all about being happy, right?

What small things make YOUR life great?

Alex D.

Hello September! 10 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Hello, September!

Today’s the first day of autumn and I’m so… looking forward to it! I mean, I will miss the hot weather, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for all what fall has to offer. I’ve always liked autumn and today I decided to share with you the reason(s) why.

  1. The Colors

The yellows, the oranges, the reds… and the way the autumn sun rays fall on them. Beautiful!

2. The rain

Rain in the summer in refreshing, but rain in the autumn is magical.

3. The smell on the air

You know what I’m talking about… The wonderful smell of leaves and rain and pumpkin. It’s like everything fresher and cleaner during fall.

4. The hot tea and the hot cocoa

You get to drink all the hot beverages in the world and love it!

5. The weather

It’s usually not too hot and not too cold. It’s just perfectly chilly.


6. The sweaters

You get to wear your favorite sweaters again! And look fabulous in them!

gif fashion sweater kfashion otteoke edits

7. The bed

You know those days when outside is raining and you just want to curl up in your bed and hide for the rest of day and that’s the best feeling in the world? Yeah… I know it too… That’s what autumn gives you. (Hell, you can even cuddle with someone.)

8. The romance

I don’t know why, but autumn always gave me this romantic lovely feeling. It might be the colors, it might be the atmosphere, but I’m feeling more loving and melancholic during this time of year.

9. The TV

This might the thing I’m the most excited about. All my (your) favorite TV shows are back on and I’m ready to watch every single one of them!

10. Christmas

And last but not least, Christmas. I’m getting all excited about Christmas. I already am! Can’t wait for it! And I can’t be the only one, can I?…

Anyways… Why do you love autumn? That is, if you do.

Alex D.

Shall I compare thee to a (rainy) summer’s day?

I just love a good ol’ rainy day. Especially in the summer. It’s so comfy to take a break from the hot weather and stay in bed enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea, reading a book, watching a film or listening to some good music. Aahhh, I just love that. It’s like for a moment my life is worry-free.


Oohh, and that amazing smell of rain… You know what I mean. It’s fresh, yet at the same time old, somewhat strange, yet so familiar. I’ve always wondered how can rain be two things at the same time. It can pour aggressively and make you feel so calm. It can be so loud and at the same time so quiet. I swear, there’s nothing more beautiful…


Sometimes, I think, we don’t appreciate rain enough… It gives us the opportunity to take a little break from all the craziness our life is and enjoy the tranquilty it offers… Even if just for a second…

Alex D.

10 Reasons Why Roadtrips Are A Good Idea

It’s holiday season (at least in my country) and there are so many things to do, so many places to see and so many options on how to do that. I know many people prefer to travel by plane, but personally I think that the best way to visit a country is by taking a roadtrip.


Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Economy

Roadtrips are cheaper especially if you travel with all your friends and “split the bill”.

2. Flexibility

Roadtrips allow you to stop whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want, whether you want to visit something or just take a break from the road.

3.  Adventure

Roadtrips should be seen as an adventure because that’s what they are. Something exiciting is always going to happen and you’re always going to learn something new.


4. Spontaneity

Spontaneity goes hand in hand with flexibility. As I mentioned before, roadtrips allow you to be flexible, which allows you to be more spontaneous and visit that place your friend told you about or just drink coffee in a town you’ve never been to before.

5. Time

When you’re with your car you don’t really have a schedule. You can make one but it’s not necessary to strictly follow it.

6. Space

Another advantage that roadtrips have, is the fact that you can pack more than you can if you’re travelling by plane or by train.

7. Bonding experience

Roadtrips are the perfect way to bond with your friends or with your family. When you’re in the same car with the same people for hours, it’s impossible not to bond in a way or another.

8. Camping

By camping I don’t strictly mean putting up your tent, but also to those little motels that you find by chance and you just fall in love with.


9. Destination

One thing that you must remember when it comes to roadtrips that it’s not about the destination but the journey.

10. Sense of achievement

At the end of a roadtrip no matter how long or short you will always feel like you have achieved something, like you learned new things about yourself, your friends and the places you saw. Some of them will be become a second home.

There are a lot of reasons why roadtrips are a good idea but the main reason are the beautiful memories that come with it.


Remember, it’s all about being happy!

Alex D.

Take a trip to Romania

I was searching for some old photos and I found some from last year’s roadtrip and I thought I should share with you some places that you should visit if you ever decide to come to Romania. I honestly think you would like it. It has mountains, sea and great architecture!

1. Balea Lake

Balea Lake is a glacier lake in Fagaras Mountains in Romania


2. Bran Castle

Bran Castle is one of the most popular landmarks in Romania, thanks to the legend of Dracula attached to this castle.


3. Peles Castle

Is the only Romanina castle that still belongs to the Romanian Royal Family.


4. Monasteries

I can’t say I’m a religious person but it’s always interesting to see the architecture and the history behind many of these places.


5. The Black Sea

It’s true it’s no Greece, but nevertheless it is a beautiful place worth seeing.


Of course there are plenty of other beautiful places that you can visit in Romania, but these are some of the places I saw on my roadtrip. Hope you like them!

It’s all about being happy, people!

Alex D.

How to make yourself feel better when you’re sad

I got some bad news today and I was feeling kind of down because of it, so I had to do something and pick myself up. As I was trying to put a smile on my face I was thinking thsat I could share my “wisdom”  with you all on how to make yourself feel better. I know it’s smiliar to my previous post 10 things that make me happy but here it goes…

1. Listen to music

When I say listen to music I don’t mean listen to sad songs. I repeat: DO NOT LISTEN TO SAD SONGS! It will only make you feel worse. Listen to songs that make you wanna dance, songs the make you feel powerful and make you believe that everything will get better.

2. Sing and dance

Shake it off! Shake everything negative off! Like I previously said put on some music and listen to it. Once you get that feeling of energy and power and let your inner singer do its thing! Shake it like you just don’t care!

3. Call your best friend

Call your best friend and vent to her about everything and anything! You will feel better after that

4. Watch your favourite film or tv series

Watching your favourite film or your favourite episodes from your favourite tv series is always a good idea! It will take your mind off of your problems even if just for a while.

5. Treat yourself!

I know this is a The Office reference but I couldn’t help myself. When you’re feeling sad what better way to lift yourself up than order your favourite kind of pizza, drink some wine, put some make up, dress up or whatever you like to do to make yourself feel better?

And last but not least don’t allow negativity take over your life! Think happy thoughts, people! After all, it’s all about being happy, right?

Alex D.

10 things that make me happy

We can all agree this is a “mad world” we live in. Everybody is in a hurry to save time and make more money and we don’t even realize that life just passes by. So, why don’t we all stop for a moment, take a deep breath and enjoy the little things for a change.

What are these little things, you might ask? Well, let me help you with that. I made a list of 10 little things that might make you enjoy life.

1. Rain.

I know I know… Rain gets you wet. Rain makes you sick. But, think about this. You are at home or in a lovely coffee shop, with a good book or film and a good ol’ cup of coffee (or tea). Doesn’t that sound good? Rain is one of the few things that can make the world stop from its hurry, even if just for a moment.

2. Good music

What would this world be without it? Music is one of the most powerful things we have. It can make you happy. It can make you nostalgic. It can make you feel anything you need to feel and it’s always there for you. No matter what. So take a minute and listen to your favourite song without doing anything else. See how you feel after that.

3. Good food

There’s nothing like good food. NOTHING! If enjoying something delicious doesn’t make your taste buds and yourself happy I don’t know what will. Just think for a moment about your favourite food. Come on! Close your eyes and taste it! See, just thinking about it makes you drool… Now, go! Treat yourself!

4. Reading a good book

What better way to escape reality than a good ol’ book? You can go anywhere and be anyone you want from the comfort of your bed! You can go to places you’ll never be able to go otherwise. You can be a hero/heroine, a villain, heck, you can be an animal if you want! Plus, you learn tons of new and interesting things!

5. Watching a film

Imagine this. Friday night. Your comfy couch and your pj’s. Your favourite film. Maybe your favourite person. Some good food and a bottle of good wine. THIS IS LIFE!

6. Watching tv shows

Now, the thing with TV shows it that they can either make happy or incredibly stressed and angry. I know I always have mixed feelings when I watch one. But, then again, wouldn’t it be boring if TV shows would be plain and simple?

7. The sea

For me, the sea, is one of the most beautiful things. The sounds of the waves, the breeze… It gives me so much inner peace and I feel so relaxed, that I could spend a whole day just looking at it!

8. Travelling

This might be my favourite thing to do. If only I had the money and the time. It’s spectacular to go and see new places, meet new people, learn new things. So, if you can, go. See the world. Embrace its cultures. Be happy!

9. Cooking

This one, might not be the happy place for everyone, but for me it is. It’s the best way for me to clear my mind and organise my thoughts. And I get to cook something that is usually delicious.

10. Seeing other people happy.

If I see strangers  and my close ones happy and smiling it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Of course you can’t know for sure why strangers are smiling, but you can always assume. The old lady smiles because her nephews called her. That girl from the bus maybe just got some good news. You should try it one day. Stop looking at your phone and start looking around. You might be surprised with what you see.

It’s all about being happy, people!

Alex D.