Take a trip to Romania

I was searching for some old photos and I found some from last year’s roadtrip and I thought I should share with you some places that you should visit if you ever decide to come to Romania. I honestly think you would like it. It has mountains, sea and great architecture!

1. Balea Lake

Balea Lake is a glacier lake in Fagaras Mountains in Romania


2. Bran Castle

Bran Castle is one of the most popular landmarks in Romania, thanks to the legend of Dracula attached to this castle.


3. Peles Castle

Is the only Romanina castle that still belongs to the Romanian Royal Family.


4. Monasteries

I can’t say I’m a religious person but it’s always interesting to see the architecture and the history behind many of these places.


5. The Black Sea

It’s true it’s no Greece, but nevertheless it is a beautiful place worth seeing.


Of course there are plenty of other beautiful places that you can visit in Romania, but these are some of the places I saw on my roadtrip. Hope you like them!

It’s all about being happy, people!

Alex D.