Hello there! I’m Alexandra (Alex), a journalism student with a passion for food, films, TV series, traveling and other things that make me happy.

Contact: adneagoe@yahoo.com

Follow me on social media:

Instagram: adneagoe

Snapchat: adneagoe

Twitter: alexdneagoe

Facebook page: Wanderlust and Happiness

Pinterest: adneagoe



18 thoughts on “About/Contact

      1. I’ve been to Austria (in Vienna four times, which is one of my favourite cities), to Germany, France, Spain, England, Switzerland (which might be my favourite country), The Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy…

        What about you?

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      2. So many, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, St Lucia, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium,USA, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, I’m probably forgetting some! I can’t get enough :))

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      3. Unfortunately I’ve only travelled around Europe but hopefully I’ll get to travel to other places as well. You’re lucky you’ve been to so many places. Of all of them which one is your favourite? That is, if you can choose πŸ™‚


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