Traveling alone might be one of the scariest, anxiety giving experience ever. That is, until you do it.

You can think of hundreds of reason why you shouldn’t do it: what if you get lost, what if you get bored, what if something bad happens to you. But instead of looking at all these ‘negative’ aspects of solo-traveling, what if you take a look at all the positive things that come out if it. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY TRAVELING ALONE IS A GOOD IDEA”



As a student, who isn’t financially stable, I don’t really have the time or money to travel as much as I’d like to, but that can’t stop me from wanting to.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Here are five (of the thousands of places) I would like visit in 2016.

1. Spain

I’ve been there a couple of times but I can’t seem to get enough of it! There’s still so much to discover about it!

Photo taken from: talktotim.co.uk

2. Hawaii

This will forever be on my bucket list, right at the top with Spain. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it seems like the kind of place I could call home.

Photo taken from: theconstantrambler.com

3. Faroe Islands

For some reason I’ve always found them fascinating. The fact that they’re kind of isolated and with barely any inhabitants make me to want to visit them.

Photo taken from: edugeography.com

4. Cuba

Another country that I’ve always found fascinating was Cuba. It’s a must see with all its culture!

Photo taken from: cuba.com

5. Greece

One of my dreams is to spend at least a whole summer in Greece, eating their delicious food, learning about their culture and their fantastic beaches. Haha.

Photo taken from: marketwatch.com

Which places are you planning on visiting this year or dream of visiting?

Alex D.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… The song says… And I totally agree. All the Christmas lights, the trees the decorations, the winter smells… It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

But there are a few places that I think make Christmas seem like a magical fairy tale. And I REALLY want to visit them.

1. Vienna, Austria

Taken from: safarisud.com

My favorite place in the world during Christmas time! I don’t need anything else.

2. Rovaniemi, Finland

Taken from: travelin.pl

Also known as the home of Santa Claus. Who wouldn’t want to visit it?

3. New York, USA

Taken from: nymag.com

New York is one of those cities that make every season look great, but it looks the most magical at Christmas time.

4. Prague, The Czech Republic

Taken from: popsugar.com

Another beautiful city I want to see at Christmas time.

5. Frankfurt, Germany

Taken from: whatdafuh.com

To be honest I need to make a tour of all the Christmas markets in Germany…

What place do you want to visit during the winter holidays?

Alex D.


Rocking around the Christmas tree… Well these Christmas tree don’t need us to rock around them, they are so beautiful they can rock all by themselves.

Today I want to share with you some famous Christmas trees from around the world who will leave you speechless.

1. New York, USA

Photo taken from: newyorkguest.com

We all know the famous Christmas Tree from the Rockefeller Plaza

2. Rakvere, Estonia

Photo taken from: news.xinhuanet.com

This one interesting Christmas tree!

3. Sydney, Australia

Photo taken from: mashable.com

Can you imagine how many lego pieces this Christmas tree has?

4. Madrid, Spain

Pretty, isn’t it?

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo taken from rioforyou.com

A floating tree… How amazing is that?

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Photo taken from ambius.com

Look at all those cute little bows!

7. Bucharest, Romania

Photo taken from: flickriver.com

So beautiful!

8. Vienna, Austria

Photo taken from: eurocheapo.com

My favorite place in the world.

9. Venice, Italy

Photo taken from: panoramio.com

This tree is made from Murano Glass!

10. Brussels, Belgium

Photo taken from travaday.com

Had to end the post with an interesting one!

I have one last thing to say though… Can someone, please, take me to visit these as soon as possible? Hahaha.

Which one is your favorite?

Alex D.


One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the way cities are decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees and all things pretty.

Also, I love Christmas markets. I love walking around looking at the christmassy things they sale, the different gifts you can buy, the smell of mulled wine in the market and the sound of Christmas songs all around you.

That’s why I want to share with you the Christmas Market from the city I study in.

Take a look a the Christmas Market from Cluj.






Also, here’s a small video I made about it:

What is your favorite thing about Christmas Markets?

Alex D.


Today I attended a really interesting event, here in Cluj. It was called “Casa Portuguesa” and it was a more or less like an exhibition but more interactive.

You could learn about their history, listen to some traditional Fado music, taste some traditional Portuguese dishes and interact with the organizers of the event who were obviously Portuguese.

My favorite thing at the event were this really cute paper-made roses who had quotes (by Portuguese writers, of course) attached to them. The one I felt I had a connection with was: “We leave a little piece of us behind whenever we leave a place. We are still there although we left.” – Vergilio Ferreira





Have you ever been to Portugal?

Alex D.


Vienna, Vienne, Wien…city of music, city of my dreams…


I’ve seen many places and I’ve visited many cities during my travels but Vienna has a really special place in my heart. I’ve been there four times already and I can’t seem to get enough.


I don’t know what it is… Actually, I do know what it is. The culture. The architecture. The history. To me Vienna is the perfect combination of old and new, but mostly of old. Whenever I’m there is like part of me goes back in time and has a taste of the past…when girls were wearing gowns and people were waltzing in ballrooms. I’ve always found those times fascinating and magical.

Carriage at Schonbrunn Palace
Carriage at Schonbrunn Palace

Anyway, back to reality. Vienna isn’t only history and old things. Vienna is also fun! I mean you can spend a whole day in one of the best amusement parks I’ve been to: Prater. I mean, it’s impossible not to find a ride that you’d like. And it has one amazing zoo which is pretty close to Princess Sissi’s home, Schönburnn Palace.

Schonbrunn Palace
Schonbrunn Palace
The gate of Schonbrunn Palace
The gate of Schonbrunn Palace
Seals at the Zoo
Seals at the Zoo
Prater Amusement Park
Prater Amusement Park

Vienna is and will probably remain one of my favourite cities in the world. Maybe because it’s one of the first cities I’ve ever visited or maybe it’s because of it’s culture, but if you’ve never visited it you should definitely give it a try! I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it!



Alex D.


The city I’m studying in, Cluj, is one of the biggest and, dare I say, best cities in Romania. Being a university center and host to many national and international events, there’s always something you can do and visit.

One of the places that one could visit all year around (even though it’s more beautiful during Spring and Summer) is The Botanical Garden (Alexandru Borza Cluj-Napoca University Botanic Garden). It’s a great place to go, take photos or a walk or read a book.

Here are some photos I took during one of my visits.

old lady1




5-horzSo if you ever get a chance to visit Cluj, don’t forget to go to the Botanical Garden!

Alex D.

Five Travel Movies You Should See

By know you should know I’m obsessed with movies and travel so one of my favorite kind of movies are the ones about travelling. That’s why I decided to share with you, five of my all time favorite travel-movies.

1. Midnight in Paris

I already talked about why I love this movie here.

2. Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet Movie Poster

Not only an amazing travel movie, but also a beautiful love story. That’s why this one is of my all time favorite movies.

3. Mamma Mia

A musical taking place in Greece. With Meryl Streep. Need I say more?

4. Vicki Cristina Barcelona

Summer adventure in Barcelona. What more could you want? Also, Penelope Cruz is phenomenal in this movie.

5. A Good Year

All I have to say is this: Provence, vineyard and some good wine. This is what this movie is about. Definitely, a must see!

Which is your favorite travel-movie?

Alex D.