One Day at a Time (TV Show Review)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here or anywhere else (except, you know, term papers and uni stuff), but sometimes you just see or watch something and you feel like you should write about it, even if it’s just for you.

Recently I’ve watched this TV show called One Day at a Time and I really loved it. And let me just tell you, it has been quite some time since I saw a TV show or a movie that I can say that I truly liked, especially one that I wanted to write about.

One Day at a Time is a Netflix show that tells the story of a Cuban-American family and their life’s in today’s world. We have Penelope Alvarez, a nurse and a single mom, her two kids Elena and Alex and her mother Lydia. Oh, and we also have Schneider their landlord/friend/auto-declared family member and Dr. Berkowitz, Penelope’s boss and Lydia’s platonic love interest.

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So, why do I love this show so much, you may wonder. Well, first of all, anyone who knows me, know I really like Spanish and Latino culture. (It might have something to do with me watching telenovelas when I was little, I don’t know.) So this was one of the reasons I started to watch this show. However, it got we hooked for some many different reasons. The mix of humor and real issues might be the most important one. The humor and the jokes are right up my alley and the mix of Spanish and English really gives it something special. The issues, on the other hand, are quite diverse and something real people have to deal with every day. From racism, LGBT, to PTSD, addiction, depression or panic attacks.  And let me just tell you, it hit close to home with these last two.

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A lot of TV shows claim to deal with this kind of issues, but it’s always in a very simple and sometimes glamorized way. So, it’s  nice to see a show that makes it relatable. Especially when you see people around you that don’t necessarily take it seriously. ‘Oh, it’ll pass’, they say, but it never really does.

Anyway, this is a subject for another time, so back let’s back on the show. Another thing a love about is its diversity.  Not only the cast, but also the people behind it. Which I think it’s a really important thing to have in order to able to really showcase and tackle different problems that different types of people struggle with.

So, if you feel like watching a new show packed with great comedy, complex characters that will make you both laugh and cry, I definitely recommend it. You can find it on Netflix. It only has 3 seasons, but I really hope they make more.

I’ll leave you with a trailer for it, if what I wrote here didn’t convince you.

 Verdict: Que funny… (this is catchphrase Lydia uses)


See ya!

Image result for one day at a time que funny gif

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