Captain America and Iron Man can’t decide to sign a treaty so the Avengers have to pick sides.

After the disaster in Sokovia, along with all the damage in New York, (and now Lagos), the world thinks The Avengers need to put under control because of all the collateral damage they cause(d). For that, they all need to sign a treaty with the United Nations, which, obviously divides the members into two different groups.

Well, that.. and the fact that at the sign of the treaty in Vienna, a bomb explodes that was apparently planted there by Bucky Barnes, a.k.a the Winter’s Soldier, a.k.a Captain America’s best friend. And that’s when the madness begins.

Cap, along with Falcon try to find Bucky, while Iron Man along with Black Widow and War Machine, try to find them. All this, while, Black Panther tries to find Bucky to kill him because he killed his father. (Yes, it really is everyone chasing everyone.)

They find Bucky in Bucharest, Romania. Cap and Falcon try to help him escape, but they are all caught and detained. Bucky is then questioned by someone who is supposed to be a psychiatrist, but it turns out he just wants to find out about a secret project. For that he has to activate old Winter’s Solider’s brain, which obviously unleashes madness again.

They fight, the Winter Soldier tries to kill everyone, Cap saves him again, yadda, yadda, yadda.Bucky comes back again and tells Cap and Falcon that the man wanted to bring back to life five other soldiers who are just like him

In order to stop the crazy man, Bucky, Cap, Falcon, along with Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Ant Man try to find a way to get to Siberia. Obviously, Iron Man, Black Widow and War Machine with the help of Vision, Black Panther and Spider Man try to stop them. There’s another big fight, but Bucky and Cap manage to escape and the others are arrested.

Iron Man, finds out that Bucky is innocent so he decides to go and help them stop crazy man. But when they get there, they find out that the crazy man didn’t want to bring back those five soldiers, but he wanted The Avengers destroyed. That’s why he shows Iron Man the video of how his parents were killed and by whom. Surprise, surprise, it was the Winter’s Soldier.So, obviously, a fight unleashes between Cap and Iron and the winner is…

I’m not going to tell you. I think there are enough spoilers in this review already.

I’ve had quite high expectations for this movie, but since lately all the movies I looked forward to were a disappointment, I was afraid the same will happen with Captain America: Civil War. It wasn’t. It was actually quite good.

It was wonderful seeing part of The Avengers, back together on screen. I really think Marvel did an amazing job when picking the actors. Even the new characters were perfectly picked.

Black Panther was simply exquisite. Chadwick Boseman did an incredible job portraying the character and I can’t wait to see more of him. The one I was afraid about was Spider Man. I loved Andrew Garfield as Spider Man (still do), so seeing someone else as Spider Man wasn’t something I looked forward to. But, I must admit, (as much as it pains me) that Tom Holland raised to expectations.

Now, let’s talk about a little about Sebastian Stan. You know that scene where he buys those fruits? I will be honest and say that the scene was quite useless. There wasn’t really any point to have it in the movie, but oh my God, am I glad that they did. Seeing him actually talking Romanian was the best, most adorable thing ever. Can we just have him talk more Romanian? Please?? Because I need to know. Does he speak Romanian fluently? Was is it just for the part? I mean, I know he was born in Romania, but seeing him talking it on screen was priceless.

I do have to say I am disappointed the part of the movie set in Bucharest, was filmed in Berlin and not in Bucharest. I mean, I think it would’ve been better to actually film it where is supposed to happen… but I’m going to let this one slide, Marvel.

All in all, Captain America: Civil War, was another successful Marvel production that only made me look forward to the following ones.

Verdict: We really need to see more of Black Panther and Black Widow. Make it happen, Marvel!

Alex D.


8 thoughts on “MOVIE TIME: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016) *spoilers*

  1. Remco

    Team Cap all the way. Becoming part of the UN wouldn’t prevent casualties, in fact, since they need approval to perform missions there will probably be more because they won’t be able to responds as quickly as they do now.

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