Hello!! I’ve been nominated for another Liebester Award by The Silver Screen Savant (If you’re into movies you should definitely check his blog out.)

Okay, so here are the rules:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you

  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions of your own

My answers:

  • If you would write a movie, what would it be about?

Someone who made it big by being lazy. Hahahahaha.

  • If they would make a movie about you, what would the title be?

The Confessions of a Lazy Person or something like that. Haha (Might be the shortest movie ever.)

  • If they would make a movie about you, whom would you like to play you?

Hmm… for some reason I feel like Emma Stone or Anna Kendrick would be some good choices. Hahaha

  • What is your favourite video game?

I don’t think I have one. I’m not into video games.

  • Where is Waldo?

Wherever he wants to be. Hahaha.

  • Who is your favourite superhero?


  • Penguin or polar beer?

I’m gonna assume you meant polar bear. Hahaha. I don’t know. Penguin maybe, since I like the way they walk. Haha.

  • If you come home after a long and exhausting day, what cheers you up the most?

Listening to some music or watching a movie.

  • Use a metaphor to describe Donald Trump’s hair.

Wouldn’t say it’s a metaphor, but maybe “gone with the wind”. Hahaha

  • What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

First thing that popped into my head was chocolate. But I also love hazelnut flavored ice cream.

  • And let’s finish with a classic; cats or dogs?

Dogs. Definitely.

Here are my questions:

  1. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
  2. Which social media platform do you prefer and why?
  3. If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. Use one word to describe yourself.
  6. Which is the last book you read? Did you like it?
  7. What do you prefer: sea or mountain?
  8. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
  9. Tea or coffee?
  10. Tell me the best compliment you ever received.
  11. What is one question you hate to answer?

Since I’ve been nominated before for this award here, I am not going to nominate another 11 bloggers for this award. I will, however, invite everyone who wants to answer these questions to do so. I would love, love, love to read your answers.

Thanks again, Remco, for the nomination!

Hope you all have a great day,

Alex D.

2 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD II

  1. Remco

    Great answers, Alex. Let me answer your questions 😀

    01. My favourite song at the moment is Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr. But the one that is stuck in my head as I’m writing this is I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book.
    02. Twitter for its ease of use, WordPress for letting go creatively, and YouTube for an unending stream of entertainment.
    03. Danxia, China, would love to visit their National Park.
    04. I honestly don’t know. There are too many things that sound truly fascinating.
    05. Curious.
    06. The last one I finished was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by by J.K. Rowling. I’m currently reading The Chamber by John Grisham.
    07. I live near the sea, so, naturally, I long for the sight of mountains.
    08. Either spaghetti bolognese, chicken tikka masala, or dame blanche.
    09. Coffee. Not much of a tea drinker.
    10. The girl I love telling me she loves me back. Can there really be a bigger compliment?
    11. “So you were wrong?”

    Hope you enjoy these answers 🙂

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