MOVIE TIME: ROOM (2015) *spoilers*

After being held captive for many years, a woman and her son manage to escape and now they have to accommodate with the outside world.

Room tells the story of Joy (Brie Larson) who, when she was 17 years old, was kidnapped by a man, was held her captive and abused for many years, and Jack (Jacob Tremblay) the boy she gave birth to during this time.

The story introduces us to Jack when he is already 5 years old. He knows nothing about the outer world, so when his mother decides to tell him that there’s something more out there than their little room he doesn’t want to believe her.

Wanting to get out of that place, she tries everything, but nothing seems to work until one day she passes her son for dead and asks the man who holds her captive to take him far away from there. Jack manages to escape, and with the help of the police his mother is freed as well.

After being in an enclosed space for so long, it’s really hard for them to accommodate with the world, but Jack seems to do it faster than his mother.

Room is a really interesting movie. It gets your attention ever since the beginning, making you to want to know more about their story and to hope that they’ll manage to get out.

There are a lot of great moments in the movie, but there were two that really stood out for me. One of them was when the little boy manages to escape (which really made me chew my nails) and the other one was when the little boy lets his grandmother cut his hair (which according to him was his ‘strong’) meaning that he is ready to leave Room behind.

Jacob Tremblay did an amazing job portraying his character, which makes me thing that he has a promising career ahead of him, while Brie Larson really brought out the best in her role.

All in all, I believe this is a great movie and I truly recommend it if you’re interested in seeing a story that has more to it than the drama of being kidnapped.

Verdict: You can have the whole world trapped in a really small space.

Alex D.

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