The Keeping Room is an action-drama-thriller movie that tells the story of two southern sisters and a slave who end up living like equals in order to survive the American Civil War.

Left alone, with no men by their side, Augusta ( Brit Marling), Louise ( Hailee Steinfeld) and Mad ( Muna Otaru) live their lives, day by day, trying to survive.

Everything goes well, until one day Louise is bitten by a raccoon and her sister, Augusta goes on a search for the medicine. On her way, she encounters two Union Army soldiers who go around raping every girl and murdering everyone who come across their way.

She escapes them, but they manage to follow her back home, so she and the other girls have to find a way to protect themselves, each other and their home.

This was not a good movie… The jump cuts from one scene to another are too sudden, the plot line isn’t necessarily terrible, but it lacks consistency and continuity and the performances of the actors were not great. The only one who I think did a great job with her performance was Muna Otaru.

It was, however, refreshing to see a movie empowering women and portraying them as strong characters who stick up for themselves.

VERDICT: I don’t recommend it.

Have you seen this movie?

Alex D.

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