I know my Christmas blogmas is over, but I saw this movie a few days ago and I really liked it so I felt like sharing it with you.

Joulutarina in a Finnish movie about how Santa Clause became Santa Claus.

Nikolas is a little boy who becomes orphan after his parents and his little sister die in an accident. Since he has no family left, the locals from the village he lives in decide to raise him communally. So every family takes care of him for one year then passes him on to the other one.

Feeling grateful for what the villagers are doing for him, Nikolas starts whittling toys made out of wood, which, each Christmas, he leaves behind as gift. This soon became a tradition, so every year he made more and more toys that he left at the doorstep of every family that took care of him.

When one year the villagers could no longer take care of him, he is taken in by a grumpy old man, Issaki, as his carpenter apprentice. The old man works Nikolas hard, but the little boys is clever and quick to learn so Issaki soon starts to grow fond of him.

As time passes by, Nikolas lives more and more for the spirit of Christmas and it soon becomes his life. Every year he would deliver wooden toys to every children from the village, without them knowing who delivered them, so Nikolas soon became to be what we know today as Santa Claus.

What I liked about this movie is the fact that is different. It has nothing of the Christmas extravaganza we are used to when it comes to Christmas movies. It might be because it is a Finnish production and not an American one, but I was still pleasantly surprised.

It’s a very simple movie, no flashy colors, no loud characters, nothing of the craziness we know. But I think this is what makes it great. It makes you feel closer to the story and closer to the characters. It tells a very different story of the one we heard of, one that could actually be real for a change.

All in all, this a movie I recommend wholeheartedly. It’s a 9.5/10 for me.

P.S. The movie is in Finnish since it’s a Finnish production.

Alex D.


  1. Reeanna Lynn

    Love this review! I’ve always found that simpler is better when it comes to storytelling as I usually do find myself connecting more with the characters. I’ve never seen this movie–I will have to watch it soon before the holidays are officially over 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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