We all know the typical Christmas trees, with baubles, fairy lights and tinsel, and I love them. But sometimes I see all these Christmas trees made from something else and kinda, sorta want to have them all.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then here are some trees you’ll definitely want in your house.

1. The Book Tree

Taken from

For every book worm (myself included) out there.

2. The Hanging Tree

Taken from

It looks so pretty and original.

3. The Bottle Tree

Taken from

For some reason I need this in my life!

4. The Upside Down Tree

Taken from

Your friends won’t be able to say that your tree is boring.

5. The Space Saving Tree

Taken from:

If you live in  small apartment this is perfect for you.

Which one is your favorite?

Alex D.


  1. Spence's Girl

    I love this post. For the last several years we’ve had a half tree mounted on the wall and just love it! Just bought one for my stepson and his four kids – they received it on Friday and decorated it at once.
    I think my favorite is the Book Tree – it is beautiful and so clever!

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