I know that in the USA “Saint Nick” is Santa Claus, but in Romania things are a little different. Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are two different things.

In Romania, Saint Nicholas (RO: Moș Nicolae)  is thought to have helped three poor girls who had nothing to eat or keep themselves warm with, by leaving money at their window at night without anyone knowing.

The tradition says that on the night of the 5th of December, Saint Nicholas comes and leaves gifts (usually fruits and candies) in children’s boots if they’re good and a twig if they’re bad. So children all around Romania clean their boots the night before, make them look shiny, put them at the window and wait for the presents from Saint Nicholas.

Do you have any interesting tradition about Saint Nicholas in your country?

Alex D.


  1. Remco

    We celebrate something very similar in The Netherlands. About three weeks before the 5th of November, Sinterklaas (our version of St. Nick) arrives here by steamboat from Spain (where he lives in a castle). For three weeks children can put their shoes near a window or fireplace and sing songs, when they wake up small presents or chocolates can be found in their shoes. Then on the 5th, Sinterklaas visits every house with a big back full of presents.

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      • Remco

        It sure is! It gets a bit weirder though. Sinterklaas actually comes to The Netherlands because he wants to celebrate his birthday, and does so by giving presents rather than receive them. And even though he lives in his Spanish castle, he is originally of Turkish descent 😛

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      • alexdneagoe

        So nice of Sinterklaas! Maybe we should bring this tradition to Romania as well. Celebrate his birthday for three weeks in November, than on the 5th of December celebrate the Romanian version.

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  2. Remco

    Hahaha, you’re just saying that because you want the chocolate 😉

    Also, I replied to your comment on my blog but for some reason I could not hit the reply button so you probably have not received a notification 😦 I need to find a way to fix that.

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      • Remco

        Yeah, it’s one of the things we do really well. I think Swiss chocolate is slightly better, but it is still very delicious. How about Romania, how is your chocolate? Maybe you could write about Romanian delicacies sometime 🙂

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      • alexdneagoe

        Well we’re not that famous for chocolate but we do have some good chocolate. The most famous one is called “ROM” and it’s filled some kind of rum mixture. My favorite one when I was little was some chocolate called “Poiana”, but today isn’t as good as it used to be. You can barely taste the chocolate… It’s more sweet than chocolaty. My favorite at the moment is Milka which is Swiss chocolate. That’s a great idea. Maybe I should make a post about Romanian delicacies. 😀

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