I LOVE The Hunger Games! I mean, I didn’t leave the house until I finished reading the books, and I saw the first two movies at least 4 times each.

Since I love it so much, as part of my birthday gift this year, two of my friends, decided to take me to the premiere of Mockingjay Part II. Before the actual premiere we also had the chance to watch Mockingjay Part I, so that was good (even though I’m not a big fan of it).

Anyway… Back to the movie…

I was so excited for Part II. Even though I thought Part I was kind of dull and boring, I still had high hopes for Part II.

If Part I was dull and boring, Part II was action-packed, so action-packed that it was all a mess if you ask me.

It all started pretty slow, with them doing “propos” to convince people to riot against the capitol and then you have the last half an hour or so, packed with all the action of the movie. It was too much even for someone who read the book, to understand and take in everything that was happening.

What I disliked the most about the movie, however, is the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale. I dreaded every minute of it. I don’t know why they chose to have Katniss going around kissing Gale and Peeta, but it was a bad decision. It made her look whiny and indecisive and took away a lot from the story.

All in all, I feel like Mockingjay Part II was a disappointment. Maybe even more than Mockingjay Part I.

Have you seen Mockingjay Part II? Did you like it?

Alex D.


  1. Remco

    Oh, wow. I mean, you told me you did not like it, but I did not think you disliked it this badly!

    I have always ignored the whole love triangle thing. I hated it in the books, and it has become even worse in the movies. To me The Hunger Games has always been about misdirection, challenging the status quo, and fighting for survival.

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    • alexdneagoe

      I always thought that the movie was about anything but the love triangle. But I feel like in the last movie they made it really obvious and it made Katniss seem a lot like Bella, which is far from the Katniss from the book. Also, I think it disliked it this much because I had really really high hopes for it and it really disappointed me. I feel like the most important details from the book were barely in the movie.

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