21 things to do at 21 *UPDATED*

Last week I turned 21 and since I was busy with uni and of course, celebrating, only now I got around to writing this post. But, before I share with you  the 21 things I want to do while I’m 21, I just want to thank all my friends for the lovely gifts and for making my birthday so special. Love you all!

  1. Travel somewhere/anywhere abroad.
  2. Go to at least five four movies at the cinema. (Cause I don’t really go to the cinema.)
  3. Cook more.
  4. Learn how to bake properly.
  5. Cook Christmas dinner for my family by myself.
  6. Read more books.
  7. Watch more movies.
  8. Learn how to make home-made chocolate.
  9. Learn to speak German (at least a little) (I learned Portuguese so I guess it counts)
  10. Stay up until the sunrise.
  11. Watch at least one sunrise.
  12. Watch at least one sunset.
  13. Change the color of my hair.
  14. Eat something new.
  15. Drink something new.
  16. Go out and eat at a restaurant.
  17. Learn to dance bachata.
  18. Do something out of my comfort zone.
  19. Have a picnic. / A barbecue party with my friends.
  20. Spend more times with the people I love.
  21. Be more positive!
  22. Maybe get a tattoo?

What is one thing you want to do this year? Or the following since this one is almost gone?

*I guess I cross almost everything off of this list. Let’s hope this year I’ll do at least as many things as last year and create more beautiful memories.*

Alex D.

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