History and Love: The Young Victoria

I’ve always had a thing for history movies. And for love stories. The Young Victoria has both. It basically tells the story of Queen Victoria’s life before her Coronation and her first years as Queen.

Now, to be honest, I didn’t know much about Queen Victoria (I still don’t), but nevertheless, it was still a wonderful movie to see and to learn from.

Emily Blunt (whom I love), did a wonderful job portraying her. She (and the the producers) made her seem so kind and humane.

You know, when read about royalties or see them on TV, they seem like this untouchable gods and we forget they’re people with feelings and dreams. And this movie did just that. It showed us a young woman who struggles to find her way a queen for her people. And it was beautiful!

The other things I loved about this movie were the costumes and scenery. Ever since I visited Schonbrunn Palace in Austria, I’ve dreamed about attending a ball in a place like that, all dressed up. And this film, somehow gave me a taste of that.

the young victoria + scenery

So, if you ever want a love story that lasted through ages, this is a movie for you!

I gave it a 10/10 and I don’t easily do this.

Alex D.

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