Shall I compare thee to a (rainy) summer’s day?

I just love a good ol’ rainy day. Especially in the summer. It’s so comfy to take a break from the hot weather and stay in bed enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea, reading a book, watching a film or listening to some good music. Aahhh, I just love that. It’s like for a moment my life is worry-free.


Oohh, and that amazing smell of rain… You know what I mean. It’s fresh, yet at the same time old, somewhat strange, yet so familiar. I’ve always wondered how can rain be two things at the same time. It can pour aggressively and make you feel so calm. It can be so loud and at the same time so quiet. I swear, there’s nothing more beautiful…


Sometimes, I think, we don’t appreciate rain enough… It gives us the opportunity to take a little break from all the craziness our life is and enjoy the tranquilty it offers… Even if just for a second…

Alex D.


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