The Hundred-Foot Journey

I love food, I love to travel and, of course, I love to watch movies. So what better way to spend a Sunday than watch a movie that is about food and a little about travel?


The Hundred-Foot Journey gives us the story of two very different restaurants that happen to be only 100 foot away from each other. One of them is a Michelin Star French Restaurant, owned my Madame Mallory (played by Helen Mirren) and the other one is an Indian family restaurant, that brings new flavour to the little village in France. A war is waged between the two establishments until Madame Mallory recognizes the incredible talent that Hassan (the Indian’s restaurant chef) has, despite him being a self-taught novice. She takes him “under her wing” and he becomes one of the best chefs in France.


Personally, I believe this is a story that any food enthusiast would love to assist to. The way it combines the elegance of French cuisine with the color and magic of Indian cuisine is quite impressive. And by the end of the movie you will be terribly hungry and wishing you could try all those fantastic dishes.

Alex D.

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