From Paris With Love

After re-seeing Midnight in Paris yesterday, I got all nostalgic about the time I visited Paris myself and I decided to share with you the places that I liked the best.

Now, before I tell you all about my adventure there, you should know that I’ve only been there for a day, but I tried to cover as much ground as possible.

We arrived in Paris early in the morning and the first stop was the Eiffel Tower. Let me just tell you, the line was huge by the time we got on top, so thank God we got there earlyThe view from the Eiffel Tower is incredible. You get to see Paris from above, so it’s pretty magical.

The Eiffel Tower in the morning




9.1 8.1

2.1 10.1

Yep, those people are all waiting in line

Our next stop was the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral which really impressed me with its architecture and decor. Of course, the line was huge here as well, but really it more than worth it to stay in line for something so beautiful.

The Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

13.1 16 18 19.1

Then we decided we wanted to see The Basilica of Sacre Coeur  and the way to get there is quite an adventure. You have to take the subway (the tube) to get there because it’s not close to the other tourist attractions. Then you have this really big hill you have to climb, but again it’s worth it. The view from there is incredible and the church will really impress you with its gravity and imposing posture. It’s like this church watches over this marvelous city. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures inside so I can only show you guys the outside.

21.1 22.1

Of course I’ve seen other places too, like The Louvre and Champs Elysees and even had coffee at one of those little parisian cafes and tried the traditional croissant. I know there’s still a lot to see and I can only hope I’ll have the chance to see it.

Paris is an incredible city so if you ever have the chance to go and see it, even if just for a day, take that chance and enjoy the magic that this city has to offer.


Alex D.

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