Five Youtubers You Should Check Out

You already know I’m obsessed with TV shows, so I guess it’s time for you to know that I am also obsessed with YouTube and YouTubers. Okay, maybe “obsessed” is a strong word… Let’s just say I just really really like watching YouTube videos. That is why I decided to share with you five of my favourite YouTubers.

1. Blimey Cow

Their content is entertaining, interesting and talks about important topics in a funny and open-minding way. They want to “inspire laughter, community, and great conversation, while encouraging critical thought on important topics.”  and personally, I think they’re doing a great job!!

2. Megan MacKay

She is better known for her makeup tutorials (which are not any ordinary makeup tutorials, but they actually have a message behind it). She is really funny and you gotta love her irony and sarcasm.

3. iiSuperwomanii

I remember watching her first video. I was having a really bad day and I watched Girls on their period and it made laugh so hard!! Ever since, I can’t get enough of her videos! Oh, but her videos are more than funny, they’re also uplifting and meant to make you feel better about yourself. She is amazing!!

4. SoulPancake

Okay, this channel is my source of inspiration for being a better person. This channel is all about showing the beautiful face of the world.

5. grav3yardgirl

She does make up tutorials and hair tutorials and test as seen on TV products, all of it in a very funny and sassy way.

Do you have a favourite YouTuber?

Alex D.

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