Top Five Favourite Teen Movies

Usually Sunday is the day when I lay in bed all day long and watch movies. Yesterday was the exception since I was busy with other things, however I did manage to watch a movie late at night. My movie list is somewhat endless and it always takes me a lot of time to decide which film to watch.

Yesterday  I decided for The First Time and yes, it is a teen movie, but most people were going on and on and on about how good the movie is  that I had to watch it.

Now, I am sucker for sappy romantic movies, but this one seemed so terrible. As much as I tried to find something about this film that I liked, I just couldn’t. Then I realised why that might be. I am not a teenager anymore and I guess teen movies do not appeal to me anymore the way that when I was, well, a teenager.

However this made me think about the movies that I watched as a teenager so I decided to make a top five of my favourites. So here we go.

1. A Cinderella Story


I think I watched this movie at least five times. I was obsessed with it and any other Hilary Duff movie for that matter.

2. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging


This movie was the death of me. I forced my friends to watch it with me every time I got the chance.

3. LOL (Laughing Out Loud) – The French Version


Another movie that I watched God knows how many times.

4. She’s the Man


This man seemed so badass at the time. Plus it has Channing Tatum in it.

5. Wild Child


Honestly I can’t remember why I liked this movie so much, but I totally did.

Which was your favourite movie as a teenager?

Alex D.

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