Tv Series You Have To Watch

Hi! My name is Alex and I’m addicted to tv series. And films. And maybe even books. But, today I’m here to talk to you about some of my favourite tv series. It was hard to choose because I watch tons of them and they’re pretty good, or else I wouldn’t watch them. Right?

So with no further ado here are 5 tv series you have to watch:

1. Supernatural

Do I really need to say why?


Again, do I really have to say why? Who doesn’t love Friends?!

3. The Newsroom

This might be one of the best tv series I have ever seen! (Maybe because I’m a Journalism student…)

4. Once Upon A Time

I’ve always liked fairytales and this show gives you a whole new perspective on all the fairytales you loved as a kid, with an interesting plot and beautiful characters. What more could you want? I mean you can’t even stay mad at the villans!!

5. The Office

You know it’s one of the greatest shows ever made and if you think otherwise you’re just lying to yourself.

Of course there are other tv series I recommend with all my heart like SHERLOCK!!!, Grimm, Lie to Me, and you could add up some more, but I’ll just leave it like this. I don’t want to seem like I don’t have a life..*sweats nervously* But, seriously, I don’t.

Alex D.

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